About Clubhouse Golf

Clubhouse Golf is a fast playing, fun, and colorful round of golf for 2 to 8 players. It is easy to learn, easy to play and you don’t have to be a golfer to have a great time. Like the real game of golf, in Clubhouse Golf you win by having the lowest score. And just like golf, you want to avoid the rough, bunkers, water hazards, and out-of-bounds. Your chances of winning improve if you can get a hole-in-one, an eagle, or take a mulligan. But be careful – lightning strikes can be dangerous! A full round (or game) of Clubhouse Golf consists of playing 9 holes (or hands). The rules are clear-cut, and set-up takes almost no time at all. Keeping score is a snap with official Clubhouse Golf Scorecards. With several game variations included, every round of Clubhouse Golf is different and challenging. You can play Clubhouse Golf in a clubhouse, at a restaurant, at a party, at home, and on vacation. It’s big enough to provide hours of fun and small enough to take anywhere. It makes a great gift for golf lovers and game lovers alike.

Kids enjoy playing Clubhouse Golf too. Parents like it because their children actually have fun while they are learning. Having fun with family and friends is what Clubhouse Golf is all about.

Clubhouse Golf includes 72 official Clubhouse Golf playing cards, complete instructions, and 40 scorecards. For 2 to 8 players, ages 8 to adult.


History of the Clubhouse Golf Card Game

We started playing this game as a family, when our children were about 8 years old. We love to play games, and Clubhouse Golf fast became a family favorite. It moves quickly, our kids caught on easily, and we found we could play it almost anywhere. We would play while on family vacations, at home for game nights, and while waiting for our meals to arrive at a restaurant. On many occasions we introduced Clubhouse Golf to family and friends, and we were encouraged by their positive responses. By playing the game, our kids learned about golf concepts and terminology and took an interest in learning to play golf. Since our whole family now enjoys occasionally chasing golf balls around the fairways, it just made sense to merge our love of games and our enjoyment of golf into a game we can share with others. Maybe you are a golf enthusiast or a hacker like us, or you know one; or maybe you just enjoy playing fun games. We hope you will enjoy playing Clubhouse Golf as much as we do.


Clubhouse Golf, where fun is par for the course!



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