Clubhouse Golf Testimonials

What others are saying:

“I use games as educational tools in the classroom, and at home. My students don’t even realize that they’re learning while having fun.”
- Kathy W.
, teacher, Colorado           

"We love Clubhouse Golf!  My daughter, Danielle, was watching three boys, ages 4-12, over the summer and it was the hit of the summer games.  Danielle would bring the boys to my house, and we would play all afternoon!  Great fun, easy for kids, exciting for adults and we continue to play often!"
- Teresa D., Registered Nurse, Colorado

"We played Clubhouse Golf at a friend's house and my kids loved it. I asked her for the website and I'm purchasing 3 games as gifts. Word of mouth is the best advertising. Thanks for a great family game."       - Maryann F., New Jersey

“Very fun and creative...once you start playing it comes very quickly. Better than real golf.”
- Ashton L.
, college communications major, Colorado

“Simple, yet surprisingly engaging…our entire family had fun.”
- Dave W., business owner, Colorado

"The game is SOOOOOOOOOO awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! We play it all the time plus we get the girls, staff, volunteers, and even overseas visitors playing it."
- Lynnie R., Director of an international non-profit, Fiji Islands

"Emily and Olivia were playing Clubhouse Golf on Sunday while I was cooking and they were having such a great time. Olivia trounced Emily and loved every minute of it. ...we have been playing it a lot. I wish it was easier to get people to pick up card games again because it is a great game. We have been loving the together time playing this game."
- Kirsten W., real estate manager, Colorado.

"We LOVE Clubhouse Golf! We’ve played it many times, and shared it with my parents (who we usually have to force to play games with us)."
- Dave R., hospital IT administrator, Colorado

"This is so much fun! I'm going to buy one for my sister too."
- Deb S., homemaker, Colorado

"I enjoy playing golf and had a great time playing Clubhouse Golf. It's easy to play and I liked the competition."
- Peter P., general contractor, Colorado

"My employees and I have been playing CG on our lunch breaks and I've introduced it to my golf foursome."
- Dave T., store owner, Oregon

“Clubhouse Golf is a great game that is appropriate in any setting. It is great for keeping your attention and enjoyment.”
- Preston A., teacher, Colorado

"I've enjoyed playing CG so much that I gave it as a Christmas gift to several of my clients. Many of them have called to thank me."
- Bill W., financial planner, Colorado


Clubhouse Golf, where fun is par for the course!


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